What We Do

What We Do?

“We thrive to uplift the artists and filmmakers.”

Empowering Artists

Encouraging Artistic Endeavors

We want to help and sustain the artists from stage and movie productions. ISA desires to provide them the perfect platform to showcase their talent and skills in front of the world. Stage artists and movie production houses often need financial support and motivation to continue their work.

We are determined to help creative artists to evolve and protect their professional interests. We do this by working closely with some prominent agencies, directors, studios, and networks.

Enlightening Filmmakers

Hosting and Promoting Workshops

Inclusive Showcase Association hosts and promotes various workshops for aspiring/professional artists and filmmakers. In these workshops, we provide professional guidance and introduce different filmmaking techniques to film enthusiasts. Our workshops help artists and filmmakers gain new skills and knowledge about film production. ISA’s team has years of experience in the filmography industry, which allows us to organize informative workshops.

Effective Advertising

Promoting & Distributing Media

We know that promoting your stage show or movie production is challenging, especially when you don’t have any traction in any media channel. ISF can help in the promotion and distribution of any film production project. We are going to provide you the best advice for advertising, publicity, special promotions, and press releases. Our association understands the importance of effective marketing in the age of the Internet and digitalization.

Cultural Development

Supporting Artistic Festivals

We understand the value of art and culture in our society. For this reason, we are determined to support artistic festivals that promote talents and film making. ISA provides complete assistance to such artistic film festivals and artists. Our team is passionate about helping documentary makers and teach filmography. These festivals are an effective way to encourage new talent and improve the quality of the film industry.