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Inclusive Showcase Association is a staunch believer of unity among artists, productions, government agencies, and other organizations. We have the vision of creating an association of talented individuals who are passionate about visual arts, its patrons, or collaborators. This community would thrive on fostering and praising the talents and promoting businesses. We understand the value of creative freedom and effective promotions; we are ready to encourage each individual member of our community's needs. Together we are a united union of talent, experience, passion, and skills.

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Musician, (Violinist)

Lache Cercel

Coming from a musical family, Lache Cercel was trained at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest. He became a soloist with the Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra. In 1986, Lache Cercel was awarded the "Artist of the People", Citation by the Romanian government. Since settling in Canada in 1998, he has furthered his musical studies at Vancouver Community College and collab- orated with musicians from a diverse range of backgrounds, as: Egyptian percussionist Adel Awad, Vancouver jazz vocalist Laura Crema and Latin music virtuoso Sal Ferreras. Cercel's music is firmly rooted in Roma tradition, styled with Doina Klezmer, Middle Eastern and European sounds, and held together with jazz improvisation.

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Actrice, (HEVEL)

Cleo Yeh

Cleo Yeh is an actress and Producer, known for The Interview (2014), Crow (2017) and Untold Stories of the ER (2004).

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Actrice, (HEVEL)

Tracy Hallam

Tracy Hallam is an actress and director, known for The Perfect Cup (2013), One Stop Shop (2012) and River Road (2021).

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Hamed Niki

We understand the value of art and culture in our society. For this reason, we are determined to support artistic festivals that promote talents and film making. ISA provides complete assistance to such artistic film festivals and artists. Our team is passionate about helping documentary makers and teach filmography. These festivals are an effective way to encourage new talent and improve the quality of the film industry.

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Vasili Saranchuk

The last movie Vasili worked in as a stunt driver is "Bad Samaritan" (2018). As a owner of a well-known and appreciated Auto-Body Shop business, Vasili has access to a tremendous number of different types of cars and driving is one of his first pleasures. As an actor Vasili Saranchuk is humble and likes to get challenging roles which put him in tough situations.


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