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How Colored Cinema Changed the World?

Cinema, as we know today, wasn’t the same in the early 20th century. They were all black and white with no color at all. The introduction of Technicolor brought drastic changes in the overall appeal of the movies. The Wizard of Oz is known as one of the first implementations of Technicolor in a film.

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Must Watch Movies for Film Students

With the film industry's growth, techniques and technology for filmmaking are also changing every year. There are more digital production methods than ever before. Plus, film making is not just limited to enclosed studios or exotic locations. Today, even homemade films are doing a great job in the industry. When you are studying in a film school, you must know about the pinnacles of film production. In this blog, we are going to suggest the five must-watch movies for the film students.

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How is VFX Changing Film Production?

Technology has always played a significant role in filmography and film production. From the old of days black & white films to the modern CGI driven movies, we have seen massive advancement in the film making. Today, Hollywood movies are known for their action-packed scenes with explosions, CGI, fantasy locations, and more. Using VFX in films has undoubtedly opened a new dimension for the imagination of writers and directors. Almost anything is possible with the help of VFX and CGI.

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