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“We Thrive to Nurture Artistic Talents”

At ISA, we believe that every artist should get the opportunity to showcase his/her talent in front of the world. Some talented artists often don’t get the deserved opportunities to flourish their artistic efforts on stage and in movies. The Inclusive Showcase Association was created to initiate and financially sustain such artists and productions.

We are passionate about hosting and promoting various workshops to let people explore film production and its different techniques. Our association loves people with a passion for filmography and stage shows. In the digital content-filled world, competition has drastically increased. Every artist is struggling to make a name in the film world.

About ISA
About ISA


Inclusive Showcase Association

The budget often becomes a significant concern for amateur artists and professional products to stand out in the competition. As an association of filmmakers, we know the struggle in the early days of being an artist. For this reason, ISA is determined to help artistic festivals, amateur artists, and professional products.

Dan Vaida, the President of ISA Canada, started the Inclusive Showcase Association to unite the skilled and talented filmmakers who need support to sustain. Our association is willing to make a difference in the lives of filmmakers and documentary makers.